12 working recommendations on how to get an orgasm easier

Studies say that over 70% of the fair sex experiences an orgasm rarely or not at all. Unfortunately, a universal method has not yet been invented, but there are relaxation and preparation techniques that significantly increase the chances of reaching the desired climax (both with a partner and solo). Read it and tell your girlfriend!


Define your preferences

Choose a convenient time, set a timer (for example, for 5 minutes) and start exploring your own body and its reaction to various types of touch. At the moment, there is no task to achieve orgasm — you need to find out what you respond best to. Be sure that this knowledge will be very useful for you in the future.

Add music

You may experiment with various audio tracks or videos (from light erotica to pornography). Note what makes you most excited.

Turn on your imagination

Remember something pleasant and exciting before and during intimacy. Someone believes that such actions are akin to moral treason, but in fact this is not the case. Perhaps you will be happy to imagine a candid photo of your favorite actor or hot sex on the beach... The scope for imagination is not limited.

Remove irritants

Turn off your smartphone, turn off the lights, and blindfold your eyes. Try to concentrate as much as possible on your own feelings and make sure that nothing distracts you.

Take a shower

First, water treatments help you relax and tune in to the right mood. Secondly, you will not worry about the fact that you have recently come from training.

Don't worry if the goal seems unrealistic

On average, a woman needs about a third of an hour (there may be slight deviations in one direction or another) of stimulation for orgasm. Sometimes you get to a certain plateau and give up. Do not do this - continue the stimulation, and the orgasm will definitely happen.

Don't pass the responsibility on your partner

Of course, some lovers may easily bring their partners to orgasm on their own, but most have no idea how to handle the vagina. Tell the man what you particularly like, and feel free to help him in the process.

Get involved in the process

During intimacy, you may and, even more, you need to caress the clitoris with your fingers. This does not mean that your partner may not do anything in bed - on the contrary, many men like to watch women touch themselves.

Buy a sex toy

The vibrator is not an enemy at all, but an assistant if the hands and penis are not enough to achieve orgasm.

Rub against it

For many people, this recommendation seems ridiculous, but in reality, if you rub your penis or pubic bone, animal instincts will awaken inside you and help you tune in to the right mood.

Double pleasure

When a man begins to make you cunnilingus, ask him to insert 1-2 fingers inside. At this time, move your hips back and forth in the desired rhythm. Such stimulation will definitely not leave you without an orgasm.

Tell him what to do

Cover his hand with your own and show the movements that you make when you caress yourself, or demonstrate how you use a vibrator. Most men find it easier to navigate when they see a clear example.

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