Women named the exact duration of ideal sex, minute by minute

The topic related to the duration of sex has been of concern of the male half of the world's population for many years. In the remaining time, they wonder who else they may start a war with.

simultaneous orgasm

The optimal duration of bed battles was reported by one of the dating sites. It interviewed about 4 thousand users, including representatives of the stronger and weaker sex.

According to the data obtained, the ladies want the sexual games to last 25 minutes and 51 seconds.

The men who took part in the survey were more modest in their desires. They believe that the perfect sex should take 25 minutes. 43 sec. These 8 seconds are most likely not enough for women to reach the peak of pleasure.

The results of the same survey indicate that this figure has nothing to do with reality. So, playboys, even in their youth, do not show such great values.

Do I need to mention that with age, the real time of making love decreases. Older macho men approaching 50 years of age devote about 15 minutes, 15 seconds to intimacy.

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