Females purchase sexual toys more frequent than males

The majority of Russian women use sex toys (60%), at that they commonly buy them themselves (33%). In the assortment of a sex shop ladies prefer simple and effective options (26%), using them mainly for a variety or to satisfy their curiosity (49%). At the same time women confess that thanks to intimate devices they reach an orgasm more often (38%). The studies of the group of the “SEX.RF” companies discovered some unexpected tendencies among modern couples in regard to sex toys.

Females purchase sexual toys more frequent than males

Almost half of the female respondents use sex toys occasionally (43%), 13% - often, and 4% use them during each intimacy.

More often the girls prefer penis rings, silicone mastrubators and similar simple but effective devices (26%). Almost the same group of the respondents confessed to like technological sex gadgets like vibro panties, We-Vibe and noncontact stimulators (21%). But it turned out that the connoisseurs of exquisite accessories were much less. 11% of the respondents choose BDSM-attributes, sex dolls, strasses and original dildos.

The women mainly use sex toys to vary their intimate life (40%) or just try something interesting (9%). For 4% of the respondents the devices help satisfy the partner, and 13% - reach an orgasm. At that 38% of the girls confessed that they achieved an orgasm with sex toys more often.

Despite the stereotypes, the women commonly are the initiators of buying sex toys (33%). 7% of the respondents stated that their partner was responsible for buying the toys, and 22% of the women visit sex shops together with their beloved. 6% of the couples don’t go jointly to sex shops, but can use some toys if they receive them as a present.

Nevertheless, most men regard the sex ideas of their initiative ladies in the positive way and try something new with pleasure (41%) or according to the mood (27%). Only 6% of the respondents informed that their partners were not fans of sex toys.

Only 24% of the women could say that their sexual life was diverse, 44% in whole were satisfied with it, though they considered it quite ordinary. More than a fourth of all respondents achieve an orgasm at each intimacy (27%), and 38% - often. 20% and 5% confessed that they reached an orgasm very rarely or never.

“Girls commonly refuse to use sex toys due to several fears. The first one is the fear to get attached to modern devices, since most of them are so advanced that they can compete with experienced men in terms of the sensations. Girls are also concerned that if they offer their partner some device, they will lose face in his eyes. Fortunately, nowadays such problems can be discussed on special trainings, and a wide choice of accessories allows to bring them into the intimate life quite comfortably, giving only pleasure to both partners. I would recommend to pairs, that are not sophisticated in sex toys, to use the delicate models of not anatomical form: little vibro massagers, remote control toys, noncontact stimulators,” Oksana Bachinskaya, a psychologist, sexologist and trainer of “SEX.RF”, comments.

The study was conducted from 3 till 23 February 2018 by surveying the visitors of the “SEX.RF” training centers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. 872 respondents took part in the survey – women over 18 years old, being sexually active.

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