Why you don't want sex: 8 reasons and solutions

Physical inactivity, excess weight, stressful situations - all these things have a negative effect on the endocrine profile. Most often, a decrease in libido is due to fatigue, stress and malnutrition.

why you don’t want sex

If there is a problem with a decrease in libido, then first you need to do is to find out the cause.

  1. A common reason for the lack of sexual desire is banal fatigue.
  2. The stress hormone, cortisol, suppresses testosterone and the production of other hormones. Sexual mood decreases.
  3. The state of depression negatively affects the desire to have sex. The reason for its decrease may be the use of potent antidepressants.
  4. According to studies, a decrease in libido is caused by malfunctioning of the thyroid gland or a decrease in the level of its hormones.
  5. A sedentary lifestyle, overweight, stressful condition negatively affect the reproduction of hormones, and testosterone and estrogen are especially affected.
  6. Unhealthy fried and salty foods can lead to bloating and kill your sex drive.
  7. Low personal self-esteem or sufficient love for yourself can completely kill the desire to have sex.
  8. Due to the lack of fluid in the body (dehydration), libido can also be destroyed.

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