Why females love to chat after copulation?

It is not surprising that in spy movies all the secrets are disclosed in bed after a stormy night of love. Many people are more comfortable to talk about their true feelings, hopes and fears after sex. A researcher at the University of Connecticut says she now knows why.

Why females love to chat after copulation?

Amanda Denes, associate Professor of communications, believes that conversations after sex are an underrated ingredient in strong relationships associated with the production of the famous «fidelity hormone»‎ called oxytocin. She found that women who have orgasms have confidence in their partners after sex (as opposed to the joyless ladies), which increases the emotional connection between partners.

Many people claim that after sex they often share their feelings with partners, regardless of the duration of the relationship. Such moments are called post-coital time interval. It is during this period that people are often ready for the first time to say «I love you»‎, which can take the relationship to a new level, and maybe cause further regret for such an early recognition in their feelings.

«Why do some people share their innermost feelings, even when they know that the relationship has not yet reached the necessary level? How these revelations impact on satisfaction with the relationship?»‎– These questions asked the professor Denes.

To explore the relationship between hormones and communication, she looked at the topics of conversation that people raised during PCTI, as well as «one important variable that seems to have a key effect on the whole process»‎ – the presence of orgasm.

When people have an orgasm, physiological changes occur in their body, because it is filled with the hormone oxytocin. Increasing the level of this «hormone of trust»‎ is typical for both female and male body. However, the male hormone testosterone, presumably, weakens the effect of oxytocin, so that men behave much more restrained after sex and do not feel to their partner as strong and sincere feelings.

Also, Professor Denes found that women who have experienced an orgasm, imbued with more intimate feelings to their partner after sexual activity than women who failed to «burst into a stormy finale.»‎ And this is also the fault of oxytocin, because at elevated levels of this compound in the body increases the sense of trust and the importance of communication, as well as the determination to openly declare their feelings.

Experts summarized that frank conversations after sex contribute to the maintenance of healthy romantic relationships, sexual satisfaction, sympathy and satisfaction with the current relationship.

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