Why we, being in a hangover, want sex so much

At last it became clear why a person in a hangover wants to have sex so much.

sex in a hangover

After a merry party, in the morning people suffer from headache and thirsty. Sometimes people suffer from sexual hunger as well. Specialist found out what it is connected with.

When the night was merry and in the morning we understand badly, sex turns out to be especially good. Many people can’t relax during sex and behave themselves in a constrained manner, stiffly. They don’t manage to put off all the outside thoughts and enjoy the moment. In the moment when hangover comes, all the emotions deaden, relaxedness appears. The person feels himself confident and is ready to have sex on 100%.

The morning sex with a hangover is capable to activate blood circulation and distract from the general indisposition. By the way, during sex the hormones of happiness are produced, and that is very useful after a wild party.

Experts found out that sex can reduce painful sensations on 65%. If you overdrank, then sex is a good and quick way to come to your senses.

During sex people produce oxytocin, which facilitates sound and healthy sleep, which favorably influences the nervous system. By the way, during holidays and parties you can put on excess weight, and sex helps effectively burn up excess calories.

However, some specialists are sure that sex after a hangover can have a danger. Anyway, people shouldn’t forget about using contraception in order that the matter would not finish with an unpleasant surprise.

The source: https://sexosingapore.com/