Why regular sexual life is essential for males?

Every man, regardless of age or health, needs regular sex. Why is it so important, and what will happen in its absence?

Why regular sexual life is essential for males?

The answer is simple. According to their natural genetics in men laid health program, directly dependent on sexual satisfaction. To avoid stressful situations, support normal operation of the urinary system and prevention of prostatitis, it is recommended to have a permanent sexual intercourse at least twice a week. When abstinence from sexual joys, in men often there is a failure at the psychological level, and long absence of sex leads to diseases and nervous disorders.

Another reason is the overabundance of energy that accumulates, due to the fact that a man does not spend so much energy and energy on housekeeping and activities with children. Men eat and drink more, and this contributes to the accumulation of more energy. That is why they need sex more often to discharge their body. In addition, sexual games contribute to training of certain muscles, which, without systematic load weak. The result of a long absence of sex can be a bad potency, and in particularly advanced cases – impotence.

What to do if you have not found your chosen one or she, for her health, can not satisfy you? Will you put your health on the line? But it's priceless and it's the only thing that cannot be bought for any money! In such situations, there is a way out: to use the services prostitutes. And there's nothing wrong with that! Therefore it is not necessary to throw charges towards men, accusing them of inconstancy, it is necessary to think of the reasons of their behavior. Having sex is a need that must be periodically implemented.

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