Why males don't apply condoms?

Many men around the world prefer sex without a condom, this is its form allows to get maximum pleasure and make orgasm brighter. If in 80-90 years of the 20th century almost everybody almost used condoms, today only 10% of men use them. Using condoms just became unfashionable and partly because of the influence of porn movies. In any of them beautiful women are shown who moan from penis inserting into their bodies without a condom.

Why males don

Men take an example from these heroes (it is especially actual for age category 20-30 years), and refuse to buy rubber products. Thus, for 8 years (from 2002 to 2010), the number of guys using a condom during the first sex increased by 9 % (71% to 80%), but in 2011-2013 these figures fell to 78%.

Known American researcher of sexual health Debbie Herbenik calls several reasons for refusal to use condoms:

  • Young people simply do not understand the importance of using condoms (most people believe that they act solely as protection against pregnancy);
  • The appearance of female hormonal agents, spirals, various implants (the use of such contraceptives gives 99% effectiveness against 82% in the case of condoms);
  • Viewing porn-videos where no one uses condoms. Many men believe that it is enough when approaching ejaculation to pull out a phallus and everything will be fine. In fact, the male sexual lubricant also contain sperm, so the risk of getting pregnant remains for any woman;
  • Lack of advocacy on the importance of using condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Thus, more than 50% of people who do not use rubber products admit that at least once in their lives they were sick with papillomavirus or chlamydia (if you do not take measures and do not start timely treatment, it threatens infertility).

Of course, if you live with one partner, and you do not cheat each other, then the use of condoms is not necessary. But when you use services of individuals, it is worth thinking carefully before having dizzying sex. However, there is always a risk of infecting each other after an accidental sexual contact; in this case you will have to spend a tidy sum for the delivery of tests and the purchase of necessary drugs. It is much easier to use condoms – they will help to avoid surprises in the form of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.

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