Why males select escorts

The attitude of people to prostitution was always ambiguous. In spite of that the ancient profession comes from the prehistoric times: it is blamed, prohibited, mocked, but still continue to be supported, since there is the demand – there is the offer.

Why males select escorts

It seems that it is awkward to pay for what you can get free of charge. Find your beloved (maybe a lover even if you have a wife) and have twenty-four-hour access to the body and your favorite activity, but still there are many escorts, and many unfaithful husbands. It means that there exists some reason for it.

Married or Unmarried?

Certainly, the men who don’t have a long-term relationship can be understood. It is much cheaper to invite a lady of pleasure to their place than hire a girl at a night club. An escort girl doesn’t need any confessions of love, she doesn’t demand fidelity, and she will never reproach you that ‘yesterday you were seen with some other escort’. Besides, financial relationships develop favorably – as a man pays for sex, he receives what he wants, there can’t be a refusal. However, even married men use the services offered by escorts in Irkutsk.

The men who like to get sex for money can be divided into several types:

  1. Workaholics. They work much and have little time to arrange their personal life. Nature in any man demands certain things. In such situation sex with an escort is a simple, reliable and guaranteed decision.
  2. The fans of new sensations and deviations. These people can be rather shy and they find it difficult to hint their beloved at their secret wishes. Others hint their lover at their sexual preferences, but they are refused to get what they want. Some men like the change of clothes, others dream of participating in BDSM sessions; tying up, suffocation, submission – there are a lot of exciting themes and technics, but most men find it difficult to offer that to their legal partner. You are sure to receive what you wish with call girls in Nizhny Novgorod. You will have all your caprices fulfilled for your money. You won’t meet any surprise, blame or refusal from the escort girls. Even if some inadvertence occurs, nobody will remind of it and snigger in the disgusting way.
  3. Those who want to be 'a bad guy'. The men in this category are practically the same as in the previous one. They want to be not the person that they have to be every day. For some time they want to stop to answer somebody’s hopes, be a reliable defender , correspond to the image of a positive and principled person and relax in the company of the escorts – isn’t it a good wish?
  4. The fans of ‘a forbidden fruit’. For them sex with an escort girl is a complicated theme. As a rule, in the company of other people the representatives of this group blame sex with an escort, but at night they gave themselves to carnal pleasures with call girls. It rattles their nerves and gives them unforgettable sensations. For them it is a small mystery, which brings unforgettable emotions.

An Escort as the Best Psychologist

Men often want not only sex with escort girls. It may be strange but they need ordinary communication, intimate talk, and they want somebody to listen to them, don’t blame them but will try to understand. At home all their attention is given to household chores. Their wife looks after the children, the children look after the cat, the cat looks after slippers, the man needs to earn money, and his wife pays too little attention to his sexual fantasies. To find a lover is not the best way. Women rarely agree to perform this role seriously and for long, thus there are always risks of the open blackmail and psychological pressure to create a new family. Actually it is much more difficult to conceal the lover than visiting an escort girl. So a man has to spend much money on the lover and at some time he can not get what he wants. A call girl is interested in satisfying the client to the fullest in the physical and psychological sense. If the man is contented with everything, he will come again and pay money for the meeting. The man gets sex, interesting talk and nobody infringes on his personal life.

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