Why libido rise up in females?

American scientists from the University of Texas conducted a study to find out at what age women are most prone to sex.

Why libido rise up in females?

A new study by Texas scientists dispelled the myth that women lose interest in sex with age. Earlier scientists believed that the fair sex is most sexually active at a young age. In fact it was not so.

It is known that in young years, girls devote a lot of time to their appearance, which makes them attractive to the opposite sex. It is not surprising that at this age girls often have sex, but it is not because of physical need.

In fact, a real thirst for sex wake up in women at about 30 years of age. At this age, the body begins to give the greatest signals of the need for procreation, which encourages a woman to feel the need for sex. According to scientists, the age of the greatest sexual need in women varies from 27 to 45 years.

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