Why flight attendants offer sex services during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has deprived many of their jobs and stable earnings. The crisis hit the aviation especially hard when borders between countries and even separate regions were closed. However, the pretty flight attendants who suffered from the economic crisis did not lose heart and began to earn money by selling their belongings and participating in paid photo shoots. The girls began to upload their photos in uniforms and videos on the OnlyFans paid resource.

sex services from stewardesses

Stewardesses of British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair post their erotic photos on OnlyFans, as well as create pages on social networks, where they post erotic shots in the aircraft cabin, posing in lace tights on passenger seats and in the onboard kitchen. Stockings and tights, in which they were filmed in photos and videos, can be bought on eBay for 180 pounds, which is about 18,000 rubles. In addition, the number of flight attendants who want to give sex for money has increased.

There are many resources on the Internet where men can admire sexy stewardesses and get carnal pleasure. So, on the Instagram page of Cabin Crew Used, one of the Ryanair flight attendants uploads her erotic photos and videos. This girl also sells her tights and lingerie on OnlyFans, and you can subscribe to her account for 1000 rubles a month.

Since March 2020, when the lockdown started, the EasyJet airline stewardess has been posting her erotic photos, focusing on her gorgeous long legs, and offers services for foot fetish lovers. Subscribing to a girl's page on OnlyFans costs about 650 rubles a month.

Two British Airlines flight attendants post their erotic photos in uniform every day on social networks and on OnlyFans. A subscription to a page of one of them costs about 1,500 rubles a month, the second opens access for 1,200 rubles a month. Thanks to these rates, flight attendants earn good money and compensate for the lack of earnings on flights.

After seeing unambiguous photos of their employees, British Airlines launched an investigation to find out which of the flight attendants offered sex services on their social network page. It's evident that the flight attendant had to do it because her salary was decreased and the number of flights was decreased too.

According to insiders, this behavior of flight attendants is the result of the pandemic and the economic crisis. In another way, these girls simply do not know how to make money, so they have no choice but to offer men intimate services, pose for the camera naked and sell their tights and lingerie. However, lovers of erotica obviously like such innovations, and men readily browse the pages of these outwardly attractive and enterprising girls.

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