Who's on top: the pros and cons of the cowgirl position

When your lover is on top, you will be able not only to relax and enjoy the process, but also

cowgirl position

The cowgirl position , or just when she is on top, is very popular with men. It is not amazing either, as you can just relax and get positive emotions. Let's find out pros and cons of this famous position.

The benefits of the cowgirl position

  1. This sex position that allows you to maintain eye contact, which is so important for many couples. Therefore, you can enjoy not only the process, but also each other in full, according to Men 24.
  2. Rest for men. Cowgirl position gives man a chance to relax and enjoy lovemaking process. So, let the woman take the lead.
  3. Comfort for the ladies. In this position, she completely controls the process, so she can adjust the pace, angle and depth of penetration. This enables her to receive maximum satisfaction and avoid unpleasant sensations.
  4. Demonstration of beauty. Your partner can boast of her sexy curves when she is on top. Thus, do not be lazy to caress her belly, buttocks and breasts during sex.

Disadvantages of a cowgirl position

  1. It may be exhausting for a lady. It demands her to be physically fit. Start your sex with this position and afterwards give her a chance to relax.
  2. A risk of injuries. If the girl is too passionate, she can damage the man's penis if she chooses the wrong angle of penetration. So, be careful.

Enjoy each other, experiment and do not forget that sex is not only pleasant, but also very useful process.

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