Which breast is better – big or small?

Who decided, that breasts must be necessarily big. Men like it, but not always. And women, endlessly believe glossy magazines and popular television programs. Yes, big breasts allow you to attract attention, experiment in sex and imagine yourself a sex symbol.

Big boobs are not always good?

Well, when you're in school and you have big breasts, then all the boys are yours, and you're the party queen. But then everyone's breasts grow, and the odds compare. And in adulthood, having given birth to a child or two, many women understand that big breasts are a load on the spine, a real burden that you carry on yourself. It stretches, loses elasticity and spoils the appearance.

As for the silicone breast, no matter what they say, the installation of implants is a surgical operation. Then rarely does anyone give a 100% guarantee that the implant will not break and the silicone will not leak. Surgery is always accompanied by pain, medication and rehabilitation course. Yes, when big breasts are your stage image or you need to look attractive from the screen, the operation may be justified.

As for men, for each the size of the female breast is individual. More often, men themselves prefer female breasts that fit in their palm.

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