When tension hinders sex

Do you think that men are ready for sex at any time of the day or night? Nothing like this: in modern society, many representatives of the strong half of humanity are so tortured by stress and constant problems that they are only enough to have sex a couple of times a month.

When tension hinders sex

This is the conclusion of Australian sociologists came to: for a year they observed the health of 300 men of different ages. These studies showed the following figures:

  • 16% of men experienced arousal only once a month;
  • 25% every two or three days;
  • 50% every day;
  • 9% thought about sex all the time.

This sad statistics is due to depression, problems, medication, disagreement with a permanent partner and chronic fatigue syndrome. By the end of the year, many men admitted that they did not want sex (unlike women who experience excitement almost daily). However, lovely girls also experienced fatigue, but it (as a rule) was caused by the birth of a child or hormonal failure (decrease in estrogen levels).

Most of men prefer to have sex with prostitutes after work – it helps them to distract from thoughts, and to relax. Another part of men do not want to have sex at all, they dream about how to lie on the sofa and relax.

In addition, studies have shown that men, who almost do not make love, consider it something shameful and hide from others. This is bad for their partners; they consider themselves sexually unattractive and think that partners no longer want them.

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