What is the best time for having sex?

When young or not young people get acquainted and start dating, it takes some time before they realize that it's time to make love.

What is the best time for having sex?

But when does that time come? When can you be sure it's time? This question is not easy to answer. Each pair is individual and original. No one can tell you when to take the next and very serious step in a relationship.

To understand when the time comes to make love, you need to listen to your feelings and fleeting sensations. It happens that people get acquainted on the first day; they are thrown to each other so that they do not have the strength to resist and find themselves in the same bed. And you cannot blame them for this, because it does not happen to all, it's like a loss of consciousness. In this situation, people cannot think and decide adequately. Sometimes, a guy and a girl meet, walk together, go to each other's homes, to the movies. But the time to make love does not come. There are no tips and tricks to help. People are probably not ready for a closer relationship yet. Perhaps they do not trust each other very much, or a girl doesn't see a man as a sexual partner.

To correctly and accurately choose the time for making love, you can try to schedule this day in advance. You will have time to prepare for this event. Invite your loved one to visit for dinner, or arrange that you come to him. At this stage it will be clear that after dinner sex is possible. And then, take the initiative. Prepare a bottle of wine; a small amount of alcohol will help loosen up. And then it is necessary to give the opportunity to develop events, and go on. Probably, you will succeed as it should be. We can only hope that you will not regret and will not reproach yourself that everything happened at this moment.

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