What you need to know about sex during menstruation

Is it necessary or not necessary to have sex at a time when a lady clutches her stomach from wild pain and spends a lot of personal hygiene products? This is a question that each couple decides for themselves. And if you are satisfied with everything (and what's wrong, it's just ordinary blood), then it would be useful to learn a few facts about sex on critical days.

sex during menstruation

In general, it is surprising where so many anecdotes appeared with a hint that a woman during menstruation seems to be closed for registration and the spouse automatically needs to go fishing. There is no open wound, and there is no serious reason to refuse intimacy. Just ask what exactly your partner thinks about it.

Most men normally relate to intimacy during menstruation. So if you like it, don't panic - you're not a maniac at all. You are a grown man who understands female physiology.

Some representatives of the fair sex during this period experience increased sexual desire. And there are all the prerequisites for this: the probability of getting pregnant is extremely small, the lubricant is more than enough, and therefore the excitement is stronger. According to many, orgasms during menstruation are particularly violent. And cramping pains in the lower abdomen after intimacy pass as if by magic. If a woman has critical days, this does not mean that only alternative ways of obtaining pleasure are allowed. Everything can be done by the usual method, but first allow your partner to retire in the bathroom. And if you are worried about what will happen to the bed linen after such an intimacy, then just put a towel.

Sex in the shower is an ideal option at this time. Here, obviously, you can not be afraid of unplanned washing.

The main thing is to pay special attention to the observance of hygiene rules during the period of menstruation. At this time, there is an increased vulnerability for infections, and laziness, which will not let you in the shower, can be fraught with very unpleasant consequences.

If the partner came out of the shower just before the sex and it was short-lived, you may not notice anything at all.

Of course, a rare daredevil will dare to cunnilingus during the period of menstruation, but on the other hand, if it doesn't bother him, why not?

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