What to wait from a date with an individual escort?

Do you suddenly want amazing sexual adventures? Escorts will give you unforgettable emotions! These girls know pretty well how to satisfy the wishes and fantasies of any man. However, what is leisure time spent with a professional lover?

What to wait from a date with an individual escort?

Haven chosen the girl you like, you can invite her to your place or to go to her apartments. Practically each prostitute offers classical sex, blow job and anal sex to her clients. Besides, you can have something more passionate for extra money!

When you order a call girl for a long time, everything usually starts with easy talks with alcohol. Then light erotic massage or petting are possible, after which there comes the culmination — long-awaited and passionate sex. If you paid for an hour or two hours, then tender prelude is commonly missed and the girl starts her work.

What Is Included into the List of Services of an Escort?


The main part of the prelude, which is done for relaxation and raising the sexual energy of the client.


Right before sex the client can order a beautiful dance with undressing. You can not only become excited, but also enjoy the beauty of the female body.


It is known to everybody as standard sex in the pose “a woman below, a man on top”.

Blow job

It is the second popular sexual entertainment after classical sex. What can be simpler and more pleasant than oral sex, especially if such pleasure is given by the professional blow job girls?

Anal sex

And this is more interesting! Anal sex is what all men desire for, but very often they are not understood by their partners. Fortunately, a prostitute will gladly agree to such experiments for your money.


It is a more lecherous variant of anal pleasures, in which the tongue and lips are used instead of the penis. Even a thought about such indecency can seems as abomination of the highest degree to your girlfriend or wife, but escorts are not cowards!


It is the same as anilinguis in regard to the female vulvar lips. If such endearments are not welcome in your social circle, apply to Irkutsk escorts —they will make your wishes true!

Group sex

Everybody knows what gangbang is. Here everything is simple: one man and a few women or two men and one woman have sex. Still there are cases when more than three persons participate in a gangbang. There are people who just like to see an orgy, and sometimes all the participants unite into one organism in the euphoria.

Toys for grown-ups/ fetishism

The main assortment of intimate shops (vibrators, handcuffs, anal balls, etc.) can help you reach sexual enlightenment. No matter how much you like fetishism, be sure—prostitutes have everything what is needed.

Role playing

Are you always excited by women in medical overall? Police overalls? Or you have dreamt about the Little Red Riding Hood since your childhood? No matter what images you are attracted by, a prostitute can make any of them come true!

Lesbian show

If you like lesbian sex, you can order this service and enjoy how two beauties are petting each other with relish. Besides, you may join their company if you wish.

Family leisure time

This option is particularly for families. It is used in the case when conjugal sex has become bored and doesn’t bring the former pleasure. A married couple can order a prostitute for threesome sex. In this way the spouses often refresh their feelings to each other and return passion to their intimate life.


It is for those who like to feel some intimacy in sex. Your girl can tie your hands or legs, and thus giving you special pleasure from the process.


This service is for those who are not satisfied by banal tying up. “Possess and belong” is a motto of all BDSM fans. If you want even not for long become a powerless thing in the hands of a dominating mistress, then order just this role playing.

Domination and submission

If you want to be a master yourself, you can select this service and for some time to turn an escort into your “slave” who will realize all your wishes.

Golden rain

It is the possible prolongation of the previous item, which means urination of one partner on the other. Pay your attention to the words “delivery” and reception” in the profile of the call girl: the first means that the girl will pour you over with her urine, the second—she herself will place her body under the warm stream.


This is the service for specially needed aesthetes! If “golden rain” is not enough for you, the mistress can defecate on you with relief. Or just on the contrary — see “delivery” and “reception’.


It is one more option in the “perversions” category. Fisting is the process of entering the hand into the anus or vagina. This service is also performed by the both parts: you can put your hand into the girl or she can do so.


Do you want to know what a woman feels during sex? Then Novgorod strapon escorts are at your disposal! The escort girl wears special strapon and will arrange the good stimulation of the prostate for you.

Video filming

Sex with a prostitute can be filmed on the camera, so that these pleasant moments will always remain with you.


It is an offer for alone men, who have nobody to accompany them to a party, event or business meeting. As a rule, escort girls have good education, well-bred manners and striking appearance. It goes without saying that after the spent evening the girl is capable of giving sexual satisfaction.

The professional escorts render this list of services to their clients. Are you ready to indulge in lust and pay for the realization of your fantasies?

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