What to do if you have different libido levels?

It is rare for sexual problems to exist separately from other problems in a relationship. It is believed that sexuality is an integral part of the human psyche.

desires in sex

If partners have differences in sexual scenarios, this often provokes a violation of sexual harmony in the relationship.

A sexual scenario is a person's thoughts about what the sexual act should be, as well as what role the partner will play in it.

Causes of conflicts between partners and ways to resolve them

Reason #1. The couple cannot agree among themselves and come to a compromise. There is competition in the relationship, and the partner's point of view is suppressed.

Solution: in a relationship, you should forget about the competition between partners. This is not a battlefield. Compete at work or with friends, but not at home. There should be harmony in the relationship. A quiet relationship is not a boring relationship.

Harmonious relationships may be called those in which two people are able to listen to each other and hear, negotiate, and not hush up problems. A woman should not compete with a man. A woman should be behind a man, be softer and gentler. If a woman feels an excess of male energy, it is better to direct it to work. At home, you need to stay calm and balanced.

Reason # 2. Partners are afraid to discuss sexual topics, do not know how to start a conversation.

Solution: learn to talk about your problems openly, do not hesitate. In our culture some still believe that it is a shame to start conversations about sexual topics in society. With a partner everything is often hushed up too. Remember that sexuality is a person's value. You should not be shy about it, but you should talk about it, get to know it. High-quality sex life solves many problems of family life, and also has a beneficial effect on both women's and men's health. During sexual intercourse, study each other, explore, enjoy every moment.

Reason #3. Partners can't agree on how to have sex. This is due to the fact that they like absolutely different things, and therefore there are no points of contact. Often it happens like this: a man asks to diversify intimate relationships, and a woman has a barrier inside, and the fear of trying something that goes beyond her limits and norms of morality.

Solution: the couple is unlikely to solve this problem on their own. Here you need to contact a sexologist to identify problems in the couple and work them out.

And regardless you are offered by a partner; do not forget about the following:

    You have every right to not want something, and also to refuse. Don't feel guilty about it.
  • Forcing in sex to do something that the other partner is not yet ready for is considered violence.
  • You may always find a compromise.
  • If you can't reach a compromise, then you should think about whether this is really your partner or not.

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