What to do if you and your partner have stopped having sex

For most couples, isolation has become a litmus test of sorts. Some spent it together with a partner, others were separated. Whatever it was, for many, the quarantine was not without consequences, including intimate ones.

consequence of quarantine

If you and your partner are just ones of those to whom isolation has caused such damage, we suggest finding out where sexual desire has gone and what can be done about it.

First of all, calm down

Panic in this case is definitely not worth it. Discard thoughts from the series he is no longer interested in me he clearly has another one or everything will never be the same again. Such speculations are completely unfounded. Take a deep breath in and out. Your emotional and physical connection is largely influenced by your inner sense of self. So the reason for the lack of desire may be hidden in the personal experiences of each of the partners.

Sincere conversation

An open conversation about the temporary lack of intimacy in your life will serve as a key to solving this difficult question. The main thing is not to start it after a conflict or a busy day of work. Choose the right moment and say, Honey, what's going on with our sex life?. A man cares about this no less than you do, but his emotions are like an iceberg – most important thing is out of sight. Each of you should express your own thoughts on this matter. In the end, if there are no disagreements and omissions, you will understand that this is not such a global issue.

Tell your partner: «This is normal»

You both need to understand that the lack of intimacy in modern conditions is quite natural. The unstable state of the economy, difficulties at work and everything that has happened with you in the last few months has a strong impact on the emotional background. Consciousness tries to solve many important tasks, and sex is clearly not a priority here.

How do I get back to my old rhythm?

Give each other more space. After all, both of you have been imprisoned for too long, and now is the time to get out of this state. Deal with issues of primary importance and stop tormenting yourself with thoughts that there are some problems in the relationship. If you feel that romance has taken a back seat, arrange a date and mark this event as if it is a new page in your life together.

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