What should be the foreplay before sexual intercourse?

Foreplay is foreshadowing intimacy — the moment of unity of the couple, the time for the manifestation of tender feelings and the realization of each other's desires. It is from how the prelude largely depends on the duration and intensity of passions during sex. Foreplay before sex, despite popular opinion, is needed for both partners. Thus there is no need to turn intimacy into a conveyor belt.

What should be the foreplay before sexual intercourse?

Even if you have everything well in bed — the prelude should not be neglected, because it is from these moments of love game depends on the overall degree of sensual sensations in the pair. And even in a public place, you can afford little innocent pranks, like a whisper in the ear of a loved one with a message that you dream of being with him in bed and what exactly will you do there. Show imagination, make his imagination run wild. Though, it should be noted, that many men, having heard from the beloved something like — «‎on me there are no linen» — begin to worry sincerely, that the lady will catch a cold and will get sick. So, choosing the method of surprise, yet, it is worth considering the phrases that you will use.

Do you want to awaken in the man sexual appetite? Your main tool will be the gentlest touch — barely perceptible — to the shoulders, hands or face. And waiting for the response, you can move on to kissing. Don't you think that foreplay before sex can do without this important element? Start first: kiss of the beloved in his neck, hugging back, tip of your tongue on the lobe of his ear, kiss the corner of her mouth and let him take the initiative.

Light food, rich in natural aphrodisiacs, may give you strength and make love more acute. Salad of greens, seafood, and chocolate, a little wine— all this will allow you to make the mood in the right way, and candles and erotic outfit will create an atmosphere of intimacy.

Do you want to impress your loved one? Perform a striptease for him, just select the slow music. When in doubt — you can rehearse a little near the mirror or take a couple of developments strip plastics from professional dancers. Believe me, such an unexpected foreplay before sex will bring your man a lot of positive emotions.

Another secret of experienced temptresses is knowledge of massage techniques and the ability to apply them in practice. Do not be too zealous in terms of professionalism of execution — focus on what is sure to please your man. But kissing and oral sex will help him feel the force of your desire.

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