What phallus parameters do ladies like?

In the first moments of dating a woman evaluates a man as a whole: appearance, inner world, character, if you want, salary. But in further relations, the size of his manhood is important, scientists believe.

What phallus parameters do ladies like?

According to the results of the study, it can be concluded that the fairer sex at all times when choosing a partner always took into account the size of his penis.

Women (in the number of one hundred people) of different ages and specialties considered five thousand photos with images of naked men with different physiques and penis size. Basically, the size of the penis of men in the photo was from 5 to 13 cm (the average size).

Women were given the task of determining the attractiveness of men. As a result, although women admired the physique of men, yet in conclusion chose a representative of the stronger sex with a decent penis.

However, do not jump to conclusions. The main role here is not the size of the penis in itself, but the proportional ratio of its size to the size of the growth and weight of a man, scientists console.

By the way, last year, Italian scientists decided to report information that large penises are no longer in fashion. Research experts have shown that over 10 years, the average length of penis has decreased by 10%.

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