What makes females to have dashing sex on holidays?

During the holidays, ladies often forget about the rules of morality and their own safety.

How to perform cunnilingus correctly?

Probably, it also pushed the American scientists to find out what exactly drives women on risky sexual behavior on resorts.

American researchers Lisa Berdichevsky from the University of Illinois and Heather Gibson of the University of Florida decided to study the specific causes that drive women to risky sexual behavior during the holidays. To this end, experts interviewed 850 respondents aged 18 to 50 years, according to Health News.

The subjects were asked which tourist routes and recreational conditions facilitate casual contact. In addition, the participant was asked to assess the risk of 23 hypothetical situations during sex: unprotected sexual intercourse with a permanent partner or with a stranger, under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The survey showed that a relaxing beach holiday is ideal for sexual experiments with a regular partner. At the same time, group tours and excursions provoke a casual intimate relationship with friends or strangers. It was also found that the intensive use of alcohol most contributes to the accidental contacts. Women explained that alcohol gives them courage and serves as a psychological excuse that helps break their usual self-restraint or taboo. It is on vacation women easier to venture into new sexual experiments, which they do not dare in everyday life.

In addition, casual sex is facilitated by factors such as frank clothing, a sense of self-confidence and freedom from everyday life and social expectations. «‎Perhaps in everyday life we are too busy and disciplined. And as soon as we find ourselves in a situation where there is no schedule and social control, and the only thing we need to remember is the time of our return flight, we are freed from many psychological barriers», explains professor Berdishevsky.

It also turned out that sexual adventure at the resort even on arrival home for a long time charged with pleasant erotic experiences, a sense of superiority and pride. Additional motivating factors for risky sexual behavior were anonymity, the possibility of erotic fantasies and freedom from social condemnation. At the same time, some women stressed that the risk itself was a strong motivation for them.

Answering questions about the most dangerous types of intimacy, most women called sexual contact with penetration. According to researchers, most respondents overestimate the protective abilities of the condom and underestimate the risks during kissing and oral sex. The authors of the scientific work believe that such a study contributes to the formation of an effective program aimed at protecting health and promoting safe sex.

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