What provokes a female to imitate an orgasm?

Often the first sex contact ends not with an orgasm, but with its imitation. The reason for this deception is the usual shyness. Of course, how can you immediately after the first intimacy to open up to your partner, telling him that you literally did not feel anything! However, you have no confidence that such a situation will not happen again.

What provokes a female to imitate an orgasm?

Will you have to engage in cheating every time you simulate an orgasm? Then the problem is not shyness, but low self-esteem, anxiety that you are not like many women in your inability to be frank. I think it will be, by the way, to talk about how to behave after sex, than to surprise your partner with the news that after twenty nights spent together, you have never experienced an orgasm.

Your acquaintance is still in the initial stage, and nothing terrible will happen if you talk about erogenous zones and about mutual satisfaction in sex. Many men, by the way, love it if a woman wants to be frank.

We are all different, and each woman individually is unique. If the former female lover of your partner had certain preferences in poses and caresses, it does not mean that you will love the same.

In that case, when having sex turns into a marital duty and the desire to do it as soon as possible, so that you are left alone, we can conclude that in family life something is wrong, and it necessarily needs to be corrected! A man may not know how to satisfy you, that's why you just need to talk to him on this topic. All the same, the partner will be more pleased with a frank conversation than an imitation of orgasm.

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