What are the benefits of oral sex for people?

Sexual intercourse without foreplay can not be considered complete. The same can be said about preludes without oral caresses. Each partner needs additional satisfaction, but the issue is who needs more.

What are the benefits of oral sex for people?

Oral caresses, who needs them more

Regardless of gender, each of the partners will be happy to get additional pleasure from oral sex. Men like when a woman makes a blowjob as much as women like when men make them cunnilingus. But it is worth remembering that the real pleasure can be obtained only from caresses that are provided voluntarily and without coercion. Only a sincere desire to give pleasure can give great pleasure.


The number of techniques of blowjob is very difficult to count, as well as poses in which it can be performed. Despite this, each pair can find a special variation. However, it should be borne in mind that the technique of blowjob, which can be seen on the screens of pornographic films will not give your partner pleasure. Not only that, a man can quickly cum, but also it may occur pain, from which there will be no pleasure at all. In order to give pleasure you need to be very affectionate, gentle and do not need to hurry. For home conditions, the best poses can be considered those in which the partner is in a relaxed position, lying on the bed, sitting in a chair or on the couch. Blowjob is suitable if you want to deliver to the partner sexual relaxation, but time and a situation does not allow you to have sex.

However, not every couple has tried this kind of sexual contact in their practice. In some women, the mere thought of it can cause gagging, or the taste of sperm - a feeling of disgust. But in any case it is only a psychological level. Therefore the conversations and discussions of blowjob themes can help to this couple.


If a blowjob can be considered a fast relaxation, then here is the cunnilingus the more complex process of delivering pleasure. A woman should fully trust her partner and allow him to touch her labia. But even this is not the main thing, not every man can satisfy a woman in this way. Not every pose is suitable for such caresses. A woman should be comfortable to lie or sit, but so that she had the opportunity to fully relax and surrender to their feelings. According to statistics, clitoral orgasm women get more often than vaginal. Therefore, the one who learns to give his partner such pleasure, will be idolized by her. Cunnilingus should be slow, moderately assertive and completely based on the reaction of the woman's body. The female body has much to tell during sex. The man just needs to be a little inventive and not to get hung up on one site, it is necessary to change not only the pressure, but also it is necessary to alternate caress of a clitoris and labia. You can simulate the entry of the penis into a woman with your tongue. For women who like to dominate may like the pose of a rider in which a woman's labia sits on the face of a man. In this position it is possible for her to control the process.

Sex is the rapprochement of two people on a psychological level, and oral sex is an even deeper rapprochement of two lovers. To give pleasure is as pleasant as to enjoy it.

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