What is the difference between love and passion?

Often we can't decide what we feel for this or that person. It can be either love or passion. The main thing is to find out in time what still prevails, so as not to do anything stupid. The very question between the differences in these two concepts is not idle.

love and passion

Someone believes that love is the desire to be with a person every second, never part and constantly enjoy spending time together.

For someone love means constantly reaching out to a person, wanting him every second. Someone perceives love as a kind of responsibility and care for another person, a desire to make him/her happy. There are also those who in the first minutes of dating are ready to scream about love to the grave.

For someone it is not enough the whole life to finally admit his or her feelings. Many experts are of the opinion that the sooner you admit to love and want sexual intimacy with a person, the more confident you may assume about passion, and not about true love.

The main difference between love and passion is that the second concept is faster. After all, the main goal of love is to make another person happy. And to achieve this, you need to get to know the person properly. It is impossible to make the first person you meet happy, it takes time.

Passion means the desire to possess another person, and therefore this feeling does not tolerate expectations.

It is believed that if love is real, then time will not be a test, but passion quickly passes, leaving a void. That is why there are unions that last for years, and someone breaks up after a couple of months. Each of us has a person that we remember for decades, recalling rare meetings and smiles.

If the passion has overtaken so that it is impossible to hide from it anywhere, then try to live it so that over time it will grow into love. At the beginning of many relationships between beloved persons, it is a passionate relationship that begins. However, over time, the passion must develop into something more permanent. If passion is not modified into love, then such a relationship, according to experts, will be doomed to failure. Since a strong relationship is still built on mutual respect, the desire to make each other happy, and then only the passion and adoration of their other half.

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