What are the risks of anal sex?

Anal sex was practiced in ancient times, and will be practiced in the future, despite the artificial prohibitions and taboos that are trying to impose on this type of coitus. Concealment or condemnation of anal sex is unlikely to lead to any constructive results, except for excessive trauma, both psychological (due to feelings of taboo of your actions), and physical – due to lack of information about how to do it correctly, avoiding pain and unnecessary injuries.

What are the dangers of anal fun?

Rule number one is that it shouldn't be painful! However, it is better to completely refrain from such fun, as anal sex for impatient partners: it is rough movements that may damage the entrance muscle (the sphincter), because it has much less elasticity than the vagina, being a kind of valve designed to allow movement only in one direction, namely – out.

It is highly recommended to take care of the purchase of a special lubricant in advance: you may buy it in a sex shop or in some pharmacies. Lubricants are both conventional and with analgesic and antiseptic effect, the latter are just designed for anal sex.

When entering the anus of not intended for that purpose items (and taking into account the given above, it means “any”) you should be particularly careful: pain means that it is better to move back or completely stop the movement, but in any case not to continue. To facilitate this introduction, it is also desirable to remember that it is best to do it on the exhalation, when the sphincter is naturally more relaxed. In addition, its relaxation can be provoked artificially: in the perineum, a centimeter and a half below the hole itself, there is a point, pressing on which causes this effect. Yes, before you practice playing with the magic point, we recommend that you remember about the enema, which would not hurt in such cases.

Returning to the question of the elasticity of the sphincter and the possible side effects of anal sex, it should be mentioned first of all about the possibility of cracks and ruptures of the sphincter, as the most common problem. To prevent them, it is important to use lubrication and caution. But cracks are not the only thing that is fraught with «Sodom sin». Due to the inability of the muscles of the anus to the loads that occur during anal sex, they may lead to sagging (stretching) of the sphincter, i.e. to a state where it does not hold what it should hold for its intended purpose. Most often, this phenomenon occurs in older homosexuals, less often – In women, due to the greater elasticity of the tissues and, probably, less frequency of anal fun.

Unfortunately, to avoid sagging sphincter it is impossible to give a general recipe like «no more than twice a week» or «no thicker than a bottle of Guinness» – as all the parameters are too individual for each organism, so here we may only advise to be guided by common sense and your own feelings. The general rule, again, is simple: do not use force and do not ignore the pain. By the way, the same rule applies to the use of toys, since the object that was hardly able to enter the anal opening is most likely to cause spasms of the sphincter and remain inside until the visit to the proctologist – which, I suspect, you would prefer to avoid. By the way, we may remember that swallowed small items as beads, coins, and so on do not cause any complications in children, which suggests that the upper limit of the safe diameter is within 2-2.5 centimeters. But, as it was mentioned above, everything is individual, and this parameter is not exception.

Separately, I want to say about the protection. Quite a lot of people – especially young people – consider anal sex as a way to prevent pregnancy and practice it, for example, in «dangerous days». But, despite this, it is very, very desirable for anal fun to still use a condom, even for regular partners, when there is no risk of venereal diseases. The fact is that, in addition to venereal, there are many other infections, bacteria-pathogens which quietly and peacefully exist in the rectum, modestly waiting for them to be extracted from there. And with microfractures, which occur in all types of sex, such activity without protection is a direct path to some disease. I suppose, you probably have not yet wanted, for a variety of sensations, to pay a visit to the doctor, embarrassed and blushing. And do you also remember about the antiseptic lubricants mentioned at the beginning of the article, specially created for anal sex?

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