What are the problems in relationships due to bad sex

Platonic relationships that are not supported by sex, sooner or later break up. This statement is true both for new lovers and for couples with significant marriage experience. Exceptions are possible only if the absence of sex suits both partners.

sex and relationships in a couple

If someone feels dissatisfied, problems will not be long in coming. Experts identified risk factors based on a study of the Cosmo audience.


A partner who is dissatisfied with the situation will try to find what he/she wants outside the home in 90% of cases. The need for contact on a physiological level may quickly grow from falling in love to a new romance, destroying previous relationships and agreements.

Quarrels and conflicts

Lack of sex provokes partners to mutual irritability. Unsatisfied sexual desire often causes baseless accusations of a partner in all cases of conflicts.


Discord in relationships leads to mutual separation of partners due to lack of physical intimacy. They tend to spend as little time with each other as possible. The gradual fading of interest reduces the number of possible points of contact, destroys common interests. Partners stop talking to each other in all cases when they do not want to make any claims.

Domestic violence (abuse)

A person who feels deprived often turns into a real tyrant. He/she blames the partner in all his/her misfortunes, shifting the responsibility to him/her. Violence may easily turn into physical confrontation.

Rupture of relations

Mismatch of sexual needs provokes a couple to divorce. This is not the worst case scenario for a conflict situation.

Living without sex, of course, is possible – and the current state of affairs should suit both partners.

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