What are the allowable extents of denudation of female charms?

In the course of development of civilization the limit of validity of outcrop of female charms has changed. The degree of outcrop and exposure of different parts of the body depended on the locality, social status, and the age of the woman. Its role, of course, played the fashion, which was set by the representatives of the Royal and Imperial families, based on their own ideas about the beautiful and taking into account their physical disabilities. So, let discuss how and for what reasons women were allowed to be naked, and what opinions on this matter existed at different times.

What are the allowable extents of denudation of female charms?

From Romulus, the first king of Ancient Rome, to this day, the followers of the Abrahamic religions considered absolute nudity either a manifestation of vice in the extreme, or a sign of complete purity. Thus, the Bible says that Adam and Eve, having tasted the apple, which later became a symbol of the forbidden fruit, immediately put on their clothes, realizing that nudity is vicious. Although, it is believed that they have first sinned, not to deprive themselves of fun, and got dressed after. And though, from the probable point of view of God, sinners became equally both the woman, and the man, women draped in dresses with greater care, than men. And if a man was allowed to bare his torso and swim completely naked, the woman of the Abrahamic religion ordered to bathe dressed, and from the first day of marriage to cover her hair with a headdress.

And in Muslim countries, even girls who had barely reached puberty (and not married women), were obliged to close both hair and face – so that others could see only their eyes.

It would seem that Pagans treated the naked body easier, which in modern times can be judged by the ancient Greek statues. But that was only for men. Boys in Ancient Greece were allowed to walk around completely without clothes even at school as only boys were trained there. Sodomy was not considered a vice. On the contrary, the pleasure achieved through anal sex was recognized as useful. This method of contact was also used as a pedagogical method – a kind of exchange of experience. But after reaching a certain age and gaining intelligence, the young man was supposed to marry. His wife could house only occasionally to cross the threshold of the women's quarters (the gynaeceum), and if crossed, was draped in fabric from head to toe. A peplos was worn on tunic in the wide folds. Her head was covered. It was not visible even a foot.

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