What are the most risky sexual poses?

Do you know that a sexual position can make a person lose his senses? Undoubtedly, one of them is a woman-on-top position. Men commonly watch their partner during sexual pleasures, and that makes them forget that it is one of the riskiest positions for them.

What are the most risky sexual poses?

Why is a woman-on-top sexual position one of the most dangerous ones? Because in this position the penis penetrates rather deeply, and this causes penis injuries and even fractures.

The Sexual Position and Penile Fracture

In this sexual position a man doesn’t control the depth of the pushes, the power and angulation of the penis to the vagina. The man yields to the woman, and being excited, he can calm down so that instead of the vagina the penis will hit the pubis.

This type of experience is unpleasant, but if the pain passes rather quickly, then the man may suffer from more serious consequences.

It is the truth that the penis hasn’t the bone, but the term “fracture” comes from the fact that during the injury you can hear the typical crackle. Actually it means that the whitish membrane broke.

The broken penis can be easily diagnosed because it bleeds and bends at a strange angle.

What to Do If You Get an Injury?

Undoubtedly, you shouldn’t feel shy to visit a doctor since such situations occur more often than you may think.

The broken penis is treated only in the surgical way, that’s why it is not quite reasonable to delay a visit to the doctor, hoping that everything will pass on its own.

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