What affects the quality of sex?

You love each other, but for some reason are not eager to have sex. Try to understand, there may be many reasons for this.

How improve your sex-skills

You are sleeping together. Try sleeping separately in different rooms. Over time, you are so accustomed to each other that you do not wait for the long-awaited meeting in the same bed.

A hearty dinner. Do not eat fatty foods at night and do not drink tea. Snack on seafood, drink together kefir with nuts and honey or eat fruit.

Boredom and monotony. If you want to live until old age with your beloved, then you cannot solve this problem with the help of infidelity. Trust will be lost or conscience will devour. Therefore, you need to find a way out together. Maybe you should go on a vacation together or spend a romantic evening.

Beloved relatives. Sharing accommodation with parents is poisoning personal life. On the other hand, you can leave the children and run away to friends, to the country or to rent a hotel room.

Alcohol and smoking. Bad habits do not add health; try to get rid of them. For men's health is especially harmful to drink beer and strong alcohol.

Bed according to Feng Shui. The Chinese believe that the bed should be open on three sides, and nothing should hang over it. Choose a bed with an original back. Using the headboard of the bed, you may diversify your sex.

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