We practice anal sex with pleasure

Statistics show that the ass of almost every woman has been tried to use for anal penetration, and almost every lady experienced pain, shock and inherited a fear of anal sex. And only 20% of them have comprehended all delights of the most ancient of ways of communication of sexes.

Anal sex: five safety rules

For harmony in anal sex it is necessary to learn 5 simple rules:

The first rule of anal sex is orgasm.

Anal sex for a woman is good after several orgasms. It is desirable that among these preliminary orgasms were not only vaginal orgasms but also clitoral. After them, the perineal zone swells and the sensitivity of the body changes both qualitatively and zonally, including in the area of the sphincter. Sensations at anal sex are absolutely other in comparison with those which will arise if to thrust hard cock in an ass hole directly from a cold threshold.

The second rule of anal sex is a side surface of the body as a beachhead.

Women! Lie on your lateral side. Bend your knees a little. Then you do not put pressure on anyone, no one presses on you with the weight of the body, so it is on the side there are the least injuries and there are no sad consequences of anal sex.

The third rule of anal sex is that the first time it hurts.

Pain will be in any case. You need to prepare for this mentally. In a good situation, it will be at the very beginning, until the sphincter is stretched. The most unpleasant moment is when the phallus has not yet entered completely but only its glans inside. When it inserts to the end and begins to move, the wall of the rectum is massaged, adjacent to the uterus as the barrier there is thin, less than in the vagina.

Therefore, it is through the anus that you have a great chance to experience a uterine orgasm in its purest form. Therefore, the faster you master anal intercourse the faster you will get a chance to experience a vaginal orgasm.

There is another nuance: at the moment of penetration, the sphincter should be relaxed, and when the penis is already inside you, on the contrary, squeeze the sphincter slightly, this will all reduce the pain to a complete minimum, and the light (attention: light!) compression of the sphincter will give you the same effect as a compressed vagina – the feeling is brighter and more pleasant. Those who do not know how to squeeze the vagina must go to the «garden» to learn the material and train.

The fourth rule of anal sex is that enema is not mandatory.

An enema is not so necessary, because if your anal intercourse is delayed, in any case, the mechanical stimulation of the rectum will cause peristalsis of the rest of the intestine, and you will still get dirty well, at least a little. Just don't eat right before sex. If you are very much afraid of the contents of your rectum – anal sex is not for you, forget and put an end to it. Sex, by the way, is not for squeamish people at all. If you are not afraid – just prepare napkins in advance, and then immediately go to the shower. Fastidious men may use an anal condom. It differs in that it is denser than usual.

The fifth rule of anal sex is that there is not enough lubrication always.

A lot of lubrication is strictly mandatory. It's very nice if it's contains an anaesthetic. We are not talking about lubrication from the vagina; this is likely to be insufficient. I generally think that anal sex without lubrication belongs to the category of medieval torture. Therefore, do not regret to use your cash and buy grease.

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