Ways to add variety to sex

Psychologists recommend sharing your intimate desires with your sexual partner.

diversity in sex

Despite the fact that talking to your partner is an important part of understanding in a relationship, it may sometimes be difficult to voice your desires and even hint at what he/she should do in bed and what he/she shouldn't. People are afraid to touch their feelings, make excuses, or feel vulnerable or funny. But if you take a risk, then the wishes are usually fulfilled.

Cosmo portal has collected positive stories on this topic. They will help you build up the courage to talk about your sexual fantasies.

    «‎For a long time I didn't dare ask him for a longer preliminary caress. But when I finally gathered my courage, my husband scolded me for not telling him about it earlier! Our sexual relationship has ceased to be like a quick satisfaction of the sexual needs of one partner.» Sveta, 29 years old.
  1. «I was aroused by his moans. He, on the other hand, held back, thinking that they were not pleasant and annoying me. And I would not refuse cunnilingus, and not only once a year. We talked and everything got better.»‎ Kristina, 26 years old.
  2. «I wanted passion, and that he undressed me, ripping off my clothes, like in the movies. That's it! I did it.» Marina, 33 years old.
  3. «He was against new poses. I had to find some that delighted him.» Inga, 32 years old.
  4. «I could not understand why he was against BDSM, because he knew that I love IT. When we talked, it turned out that he was afraid to hurt me!». Veronica, 34 years old.
  5. «‎After sexual intercourse, he immediately turned away and fell asleep, and I wanted to continue hugging. It was worth a hint – and everything was fine.»‎ Vika, 26 years old.
  6. «‎Once I voiced my desire to kiss my toes... but it turned out that my husband wanted to offer it, but was shy.» Elena, 27 years old.
  7. «Having a threesome is an old dream of mine. He took it in stride. Fortunately for me, it happened once, it just happened so well. We tried it, he liked it, and our sex life began to play with new colors»‎. Anna, 33 years old.
  8. «All my life I dream of working as a flight attendant. And then I suggested to my husband to transfer it to role-playing games. It turned out that this type of role playing is also interesting to him.» Lina, 20 years old.

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