Valuable innovation: intellectual condom for repeated application

In early 2018, the British company presented to the world community its latest invention – a smart condom suitable for multiple uses. This stylish and practical gadget not only allows you to protect yourself and your partner from unpleasant surprises in the form of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but also measures human behavior during sexual intercourse. So, this bracelet can track the number of calories burned, the speed of frictions, the duration of sex, the presence of STDs – all data is sent to your smartphone, where you can view them at any time. According to the editorial board, this is a great gadget for regular sex with prostitutes in a cozy apartment.

Valuable innovation: intellectual condom for repeated application

Company engineer Adam Levers says that «the developers wanted i.Con was light, compact and multifunctional, but it did not interfere during sex.»

Smart condom is incredibly flexible; it easily adapts to any size of the penis, and does not fly off during sex. It can be used on top of an ordinary condom; in this case it will give additional sensations. In Twitter this invention has already been called «spy», and compared it with an ankle bracelet that is worn by people under house arrest.

If you are interested in a smart condom, you may buy it on the official website of the company for only $ 74. Are you agree, that such price for such a useful device is funny?