Extraordinary sexual fads of great individuals

In addition to the interest in the biography of famous personalities, researchers are attracted to the sexual preferences of these people. As a rule, sex took at them not the last place, and all had the strangeness in relation to 'this business'.

Extraordinary sexual fads of great individuals

Cleopatra at one time considered the most charming and beautiful woman, which could not resist any man, despite the obvious shortcomings in her face. She was able to present herself so that men did not notice her humped nose and ugly chin, and after spending the night with her until the end of days considered her the most charming woman. Cleopatra always tried to please the stronger sex. With Caesar, she could talk about politics and art until the morning. With Antony she visited nightlife and brothels, and the brothels themselves were treated well. Given the rough nature of Antony, Cleopatra could put up a fight before sex. Sexologists say that this approach enhances the feeling during sex.

Bonaparte's contemporaries claimed that the great commander liked to talk for hours about sex. He had his quirks, too. In particular Napoleon liked bad smells of dirty bodies. Before coming to Josephine, he sent her a message a few days before, so that she would not wash. The smell of unwashed body so excited Bonaparte that he could have sex for hours.

Peter I liked to dress up as a sexy woman, which was given to the Emperor easily due to the lack of bristles on his face. It is said that the military Scot Gorn taught Peter the Great this. There is a legend that the all-Russian Emperor allegedly reincarnated as a Romanov noblewoman in order to find allies in Europe in the war against the Ottoman Empire.

Adolf Hitler suffered from homosexuality, as the German historian Lothar Mahtan wrote in his book. The Fuhrer even destroyed some high-ranking Nazis in order to hide his unconventional orientation. To the same end, he opposed homosexuals and encouraged their persecution.

Even as a young man, Adolf felt tender feelings for the guys. So, being on the French front as a part of horse group, Hitler slept with Ernst Schmidt known as the man whore for five years. This was written in his memoirs by his colleague Hans Mend.

Hitler is credited with having affairs with many officials, one of whom was his deputy Rudolf Hess.

There are many legends about the tireless sexual desire of Catherine the Great. She was always surrounded by male attention and did not disdain sex for one night, and as soon as the man left her chambers, she immediately forgot about him. The Empress statement that the man 'should have good face, high growth and hard udom (penis)' came to the present day.

Russian writer and muse Mayakovsky Lily Brick was ugly, but men loved her. For it the best familiarity with a man was happening in bed. For addicted to married she got the nickname «‎the wife of all husbands». Lily conquered the stronger sex by praise. She saw genius and talent in every man. She allowed them do whatever they wanted, like smoking in bed. She was adored not only by men but also by women.

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