Unusual sex positions you've never tried

These sex positions are very difficult. Be prepared to try hard. There are definitely some positions you haven't tried yet.

unusual sex positions

1. Churn

This position is very traumatic. You should act very carefully. Waring! An intense orgasm is guaranteed for both partners.

The woman is lying on her back. The legs need to be lifted up and bent at the knees after that they must be leaned towards a woman’s head. The man sits down on the woman, after which he penetrates her. This position is for rough penetration. But you need to do everything very carefully. Indeed, in this position, you can break your partner's neck.

2. Jack move.

This is practically a missionary position. The only difference is that the partners are jacks. This position will help remove the routine from your sex life. But there is also the danger of simply putting pressure on your partner's body with your feet.

3. Hand-barrow.

The woman should lie on her stomach. The man lifts the waist of the woman, who is leaning on the floor with her hands, after which the woman must clasp the man's waist with her legs and bring her legs behind the man's back. It is possible that you will not be able to have sex in this position for a long time. Don't be discouraged by this. This position can be just a warm-up, after which you can quickly move on to the position that will be more comfortable for you.

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