Extraordinary locations for masturbation

Sometimes you may think about satisfying yourself with your favorite vibrator, shower or other toy. To raise your spirits, you may switch on your favorite film or remember some erotic moment in your life, or you may take some lubricant and give way to your fingers.

Extraordinary locations for masturbation

This all is beautiful classic, which will never become passe, but there can be other places and ways for masturbation. Women told about them to Reddit. For your attention here is a selection of 7 most unusual places, mentioned by the women in the discussion.

At work

Formerly I worked at a big sports supermarket. There I met a cool guy every day. I wanted him so much that was ready just to fall on him and carry him into a pantry. One day I noticed how he changed his clothes and I became hot. I held out for half of the shift, and then a constant recollection of his muscular body incited me to do such an odd thing. I entered the changing room, clasped to a bench and made it wet. Probably it was the brightest orgasm from masturbation in my life.


I entered a fitting room in Forever 21, took out a vibrator and did that. I know that I should have gone home, but I liked this toy very much and I just couldn’t bear any more. Why should I bear till I go home?

In the Driver’s Seat

I often masturbate when I am at the wheel. Especially, when I am alone in the car and drive in a dress or skirt. It is interesting if people in cars around me noticed this. It strengthens my desire and helps while away time at traffic lights and traffic jams.

On Board of a War Ship

A war ship, 300 km from the shore, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Their nuclear warhead can destroy the whole cities. It was cool.

In Your Friend’s Bed

Once I spend the night at my friend’s place and we slept in one bed. I thought he already slept, but I “wanted’ so much. I realized that I couldn’t bear all the night and I just decided to do it in his bed. I pleased myself under the blanket and was nearly to finish, when he turned to me and said that I tumbled too much and he couldn’t sleep. I just became stiff and confusedly excused myself. Then he asked what I was doing. I don’t know what happened to me but I told the truth. He was at a loss, kept silent for a minute and said “Gosh, I’ve interrupted you and could just help finish”‎.

During a Lesson

It was in the eighth form. There was the dullest history lesson and we watched some film. In short I was so dull that I just moved my hips hither and thither, and whiled away my time. Nobody even noticed.

In a School Toilet

Yes, I pleased myself in the school toilet, when I left the class to piddle. In my defense I will say that it was very clean there.

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