Types of people prone to cheating

According to psychologists, some people are more prone to cheating than others. The desire to have sex on the side largely depends on the psychotype of the person. Of course, it's very painful for the other partner. Almost everyone wants devotion from a partner. Psychologists told us how you can find out the tendency to cheat.

types of people are prone to cheating

A specialist from England working in the field of international personal relations, told us how to identify a potential cheater. He identified 3 types of people who can cheat. They tend to cheat more than others. They always have a desire to diversify their sex life, and not necessarily with a regular partner.


By cheating, narcissists prove to themselves that they are desirable. The love of one partner is not enough for them, such people need to be loved by everyone. If you have started a relationship with a narcissist, be prepared for what he can cheat.

Underconfident people

This is all about deep psychological complexes that make people doubt about the love of the partner. If your partner is constantly worried about whether you love him, be aware that he may cheat on you later.


This type is the most cheating of all three. Selfish people are confident that moral rules do not apply to them. They forgive themselves for what they blame others for. They know very well that cheating will be a trauma for a partner. Egoists are concerned with their pleasure own and they do not think that they are causing someone pain.

Be careful if you intend to start a relationship with one of the listed types of people. In the future, this may lead to treason. It's not 100% , but life shows that selfish people, insecure people and narcissists find it difficult to remain faithful to their partner. They often look for love on the side.

If you want to build a long-term relationship, look for a dedicated person.

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