Top 5 most incredible scientific achievements in the field of sex

In recent years, science has not just taken a step forward - it has actually burst into the future, showering us with interesting discoveries. Some of them will sink into oblivion, and the other part will become the basis for new achievements.

sex breakthrough

Penis transplant

In late 2014, South African doctors performed the world's first successful penis transplant on a 21-year-old boy in a Cape Town hospital. After he was given an unsuccessful ritual circumcision, doctors had to amputate his penis to save the young man's life. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in South Africa.

To transplant the patient's new penis, the doctor Andre van der Merwe and his team used a technology that resembles that used for facial surgery. Nerves and the thinnest blood vessels are connected by microsurgery. The duration of the operation was 9 hours. And it was not just successful: just 3 months after it, a man with a transplanted penis and his beloved were already expecting a child. This is truly amazing! The same operation has already been carried out in China, where a young man lost his penis in an accident. Unfortunately, due to the patient's psychological problems, the doctors were forced to remove the graft 2 weeks after the surgery.

Gigdrogel condoms

First introduced in the early 20th century, latex condoms represent the contraceptive that has earned the most trust. Although this does not mean that their reliability is 100%. First, those who are allergic to latex will not be able to use them. Secondly, such condoms are quite uncomfortable. And then the researchers went in search of alternative options.

The condom was developed by scientists at the University of Wollongong in Australia with funds provided by the Gates Foundation. The team, led by Robert Gorkin, used a super-strong innovative material - hydrogel, which looks and feels like natural human tissue. One of the additional advantages of hydrogel over latex is the ability to deliver drugs to the body, for example, excitatory drugs.

Vibrator with artificial intelligence - HUM

The latest generation of sex toys requires more than just a variety of vibration modes, medical silicone, optimal shape and size. The innovative vibrator, which was developed by two physicists, registers the slightest contraction of the vaginal walls and adjusts to the rhythm of the body. By synchronizing with the moment of orgasm in a woman, this device enhances the sensations and prolongs them. The device is embedded with extremely complex computer code.

Vagina from the lab

Uterine and vaginal aplasia (Rokitansky-Kuestner syndrome) is a rare congenital genetic abnormality characterized by the primary absence of the uterus and 2/3 of the upper parts of the vagina. The development of external genitalia is preserved, which allowed doctors to help people with this complex disease to improve the quality of life.

Tissue samples from the external genitals were taken from four girls aged 13-18. These cells were used as the basis for the vaginas, which were grown in the laboratory. The researchers managed not only to grow vaginas, but also to successfully implant them in patients. Surgeons created a channel in the pelvic area of teenage girls and sewed on the reproductive structures.

Writing in The Lancet, the head of the program, the doctor Anthony Atala, reports that this is the first study showing that it is possible to create vaginal organs in the laboratory and successfully implant them in the human body.

Male contraception

When we use the word contraceptive, we usually think of either a condom or a pill. It is unlikely that anyone will come up with the image of a small valve on the male body, which can be turned on and off. The German researcher Clemens Bimek in 2000 patented a coin-sized SLV device that allows a man to control the flow of sperm.

It is worth noting that the prospect of implanting a foreign object in a penis is unlikely to please the stronger sex. However, there are analogues, for example, Vasalgel gel, through which the vas deferens is filled, through which sperm enter the ejaculate. With the introduction of another substance, the one that blocks the ducts will dissolve, and the man will again be able to conceive a baby. The duration of the Vasalgel effect is at least 10 years.