Top 7 unhealthy things in sex are named

When it comes to unhealthy sexual relationships, then, first of all, various intimate preferences come to mind, a strong desire to experiment with something like that or repeat the plot from a porn movie.

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Unfortunately, this is not always the case. According to experts, any experiments in bed are quite natural, if they are accepted by both partners and they really give them pleasure.

However, there are also simpler things that manifest in bed and in relationships in general and indicate that there is not your person next to you. In such a relationship, you will most likely not be able to be happy.

He makes you feel ashamed or uncomfortable

We all know perfectly well that intimacy is characterized not only by passionate oohs-ahs. Funny sounds made by your body, abundance or, conversely, a lack of natural lubrication is absolutely natural. It is not normal for a partner to try to shame you for it or openly laugh at you.

He makes you do things you don't like

We repeat: everything that happens during intimacy should happen by mutual consent. We, women, often agree to any experiments for the sake of a man, in order to demonstrate to him our emancipation and openness to everything new. However, let's be honest: if you don't enjoy the process, you shouldn't keep quiet about it. If your partner is adequate and your feelings are important to him, he will understand you and will not insist. And if not... Are you sure that you need a person who «is purple on your feelings and desires» (pays no interest to your feelings and desires)?

He does not monitor his and your sexual health

A man who does not like to protect himself, who ignores regular examinations, who is careless about your well-being during intimacy (for example, when you are in pain) and does not understand why you should spend money on visiting a gynecologist 2 times a year, should not be allowed into his bed. And this is the final point.

He laughs at your sexual fantasies

This can destroy not only your self-esteem, but also the relationship as a whole. Sharing your own intimate fantasies with a man is like walking around the city in the nude. And if in response you receive condemnation or ridicule, it is even more painful and terrible.

He ignores your orgasm Both partners should enjoy what is happening in bed. Of course, high-quality sex may be without orgasm. However, not if the man did not even try to please you, focusing only on himself.

He criticizes your appearance

Nothing spoils intimacy like complexes about appearance. If a guy at least once tells you about a crease on his stomach or crooked legs – you will think about it every time you make love with him (and whether you love him?). And if you choose only those positions and angles that hide it, there can be no question of pleasure. You don't like kissing him or he doesn't like kissing you anymore This is the first alarm bell that signals that this person is not yours – the body itself hints at this. Often we stay with someone because of a banal habit, or because we are not completely sure of our own feelings. And although outwardly we try to keep the face – the body and hormones say the opposite.