Trying new sensations: top 7 secrets of great sex on the floor

Let's find out together what needs to be done in order for the intimacy on the floor to be very pleasant and hot.

sex on the floor

Sex on the floor is not the most common and not the hottest fantasy. But sometimes you want something passionate and aesthetic. Here are a couple of life hacks can be used to guarantee a passionate night.

It needs to be clean

In porn we can see partners rolling on the floor where they have just steped with their dirty outdoor shoes. It looks as if they are not bothered but in real life it's difefrent. It can lead to infection or other health problems. You can touch the floor and then touch your partner's genitales which will lead to urinary infections.

Arrange the place

The best clothes for intimacy on the floor are tight pants for the one on top and a coat for the partner on the bottom. Clothing like this can help you keep your back from getting cold and bruising your knees. If having sex in a fur coat and rough pants looks like a ridiculous idea, you should take care in advance to protect your naked bodies from contact with a cold hard tile floor. The «bed» will consist of a jacket, sweater, robe, yoga carpet, cushons or something like that. If you don't have something like that at hand, and you really want to have sex on the floor, accept the fact that the passion has to be controlled. If you are not careful, you can't do without physical damage.

Keep napkins or wet towel wipes close at hand.

They can help you «bed» stay clean. Also you'll be able to clean up ypur body before (on instead of) going to the shower.

Start with a foreplay

Sex on the floor is great because it's spontaneous. However, you should get aroused before falling on the hard floor. You can get horny in various ways. Try kissing, caressing, while standing on your feet. Or, some time before the meeting, engage in sexting - intimate correspondence in the messenger. Or you may start on the bed.

Don't forget about lubricants

Spontaneity has a reverse side: a woman's vagina may simply not have time to produce the right amount of lubrication. It's great if you have a lubricant on hand: it makes it easier to penetrate and makes sex soft and enjoyable.It is recommended that you find a comfortable position.

You can have sex on the floor with your partner in a regular missionary position. However, this is boring. Here are a couple of simple positions that allow you to get an orgasm very quickly, simply and without injuries.

  • Thecowgirl is the most comfortable position: a man half-sits, leaning his back against a wall or a sofa, or with his hands on the floor and stretching out his legs, the woman sits on top of him.
  • Reverse cowgirl. The guy sits down in the same way as in the option above. The girl can turn her back to her partner, settle on his knees, rests her feet and palms on the floor covering and, squatting down, can lower herself onto the penis. This is a very safe position: it is almost impossible to rub the skin or get bruises in it.
  • Sitting face to face. Both sit on the floor facing one another. The man needs to spread his legs, the girl approaches the partner and throws her legs over his hips.


You can use a pillow under your partner's thighs on the bottom - both to protect the skin and to experiment with the angle of penetration. Men can lean their backs against a wall or sofa to make the position more stable. A girl may stick to the table or chair with her hands in order to protect her knees in the position when she is on top. You can experiment and enjoy each other. Sex should be satisfying, so make sure the experience is as enjoyable as possible for both of you!