Play around: top 7 challenging sex positions everyone should try

Any couple has some favorite and proven positions, but there is nothing wrong with the experiments. If you decide to try a different position, do so, but first we recommend talking with your boyfriend. Since some need preparation.

sex experiments

Here are 7 awesome sex positions that are very difficult to perform, but they can bring you both a lot of positive emotions:

Sexy fork

The partner lies on his back, raises one knee. A woman sit on top of his leg in a bent position. In this position, it is necessary to move slowly, concentrating on sensation.There is something very sexy, almost an animal in this position, and a beautiful view. The position is the same as doggy-style, but in slow motion.

Unsubstantial butterfly

A woman lies on her back on the bed or table, however in such a way as to be slightly lower than the partner's hips. The lady raises her hips on a couple of centimeters with the help of her partner. If you find it difficult, you can use pillows. Floating in the air, you will feel a little weightless, and the whole process becomes a fun form of play.

Helpful sofa

The simplest and at the same time convenient option is the classic doggy-style, where the support is on the sofa. The comfortable position guarantees maximum penetration and both partners have free hands to stimulate the clitoris.


The position coincides with classical yoga, but brings a little more satisfaction. The partner should be on his knees. She slightly raises her hips in front of him, leaning on his shoulders. Constant G-spot stimulation and excellent clitoral stimulation. She will be delighted.

Walking crab.

You will look a little funny, it's ok. In addition, no one can see you from the outside. Both of you should be in the crab pose with your legs bent and your arms holding back weight. In the form of a crab we move towards one another, her hips should be slightly higher than that of her partner. Then she slowly lowers her thighs until she can connect to his penis.This position is an opportunity for deep and slow penetration, moreover, an exciting type for two partners.

Tic tac toe

He lies on his side, she is perpendicular to him, she throws her legs over his buttocks. In no other position will you be able to receive such a view. In addition, there is an unusual penetration angle that will please partners.

Place X

She needs to lie on the table at the level of her partner's pelvis and cross her legs on his shoulders. It gives an active stimulation of the G-spot and a very tight penetration due to the crossed legs.

Couples should experiment more often and enjoy sex together. Get ready for something new, and your intimate life will be as bright as it was at the beginning of the relationship.