Top 5 sex methods that will make a man yours forever

If you have recently had «tasteless» sex, then you should diversify it with a few spicy ideas. By the way, you shouldn't put them into practice if you are not serious about your partner - after this experiences, he will no longer want to part with you.

sex methods

1. You can make his orgasm more intense.

To make him enjoy a more intense orgasm, use the following technique: when you feel that he is about top cum, with your index and middle fingers, massage the area under his scrotum. About 15-20 seconds and you can enjoy the result.

2. Masturbate in front of him.

Make his most cherished fantasy come true - close your eyes and start caressing yourself before him. For most guys, this is very exciting and erotic.

3. Tease with kisses.

Kiss his lips and then work your way down his neck, chest and belly. When you get to the penis, kiss it too, but immediately come back up. Repeat a couple of times until he wants to penetrate you.

4. Have oral sex near the mirror.

The next time you want to reward your boyfriend with an oral sex, lie down near the mirror so that you both can see it in the mirror. This will remain in your memory for a long time.

5. Show a striptease.

Dance striptease - this is something classic, which always works effectively. In order to tune in to the right wave-lengthcan use some music, for example, Shade. Dim the lights, getting pleasure from the process.