Top 5 rules for unforgettable outdoor sex

Sex in the nature is something interesting and exciting. In particular, when you are having a great time at a barbecue, and in the evening, tired ones lay down in the tent to take a nap and indulge in pleasures.

open air sex

Sex in a tent is a fun and enjoyable activity that you will certainly appreciate. If you do everything according to the rules. There are only 5 of them.

Correctly chosen location.

It's not a nice idea to have sex inyour tent is located in the middle of a family camp, where parents sleep with their children. For the spouses, it is better to choose a secluded place. Anyway, don't chose a place with stones and other sharp objects.

It should be comfortable.

For comfortable sex in the camping, you should take a tourist rug or a sheet with you. A mattress will also be of a great use. And some pillows. You should feel comfortable.


A forest adventure is not a guarantee of protected sex. Be sure to take condoms, lubricants, wipes and sex toys if you feel like it.

The right mood.

Sex in the nature is a cool idea, but if you start with swimming or dinner near the fire, then everything will turn out to be much cooler. It is important that everything continues as in an 18+ movie, and not in a horror movie.

A tent with a hole.

If you want some ideal solution - outdoor sex, then by all means buy a tent with a hole. Through it you can look at the stars and enjoy each other.