Top 5 positions for sex in the shower

Today we would like to offer you a selection of the best sex positions that are suitable for use in the shower.

sex in the shower

Sex in the shower invigorates, helps to wake up, and also to recharge with positive emotions for the whole day. Morning sex is a great start to a work day!In the morning, partners are in good mood and are not stressed.To make your pleasure stronger, we recommend using the sex positions that we have selected for you.

Doggy style standing

A good option in places where there is not much space. The risk of injury in this position is minimal, and therefore it is ideal for love joys in the shower. The girl turns her back and leans against the wall in the shower. The partner gently penetrates from behind and starts to move.Be careful not to slip. The shower floor should not be too slippery.

Eyes to eyes

The shower stall is not that big so try to be locate close to each other. Stand face to face with your partner. A man can sit on the floor and bend his legs under himself. At this time, the girl gently sits on top of your penis, wraps her legs around her lower back, and wraps her arms around your neck. Passionate sex and bright morning orgasm are guaranteed to you!

Doggy style in the classic version

This option will be ideal for a bath. Shower stall doesn't have that much space. In this position, we recommend that you be extremely careful not to rub your knees when passion overwhelmes you. We would recommend placing a towel on the bottom of the bath or shower. It will be much more convenient and safer to have sex with it. And besides, the legs will remain safe and sound.

Girl on her back

If there is a lot of space in the bathroom, then the man can put his woman on her back. The girl bends her knees and pulls them to her chest. The man gently penetrates her from behind and moves.

Leg up

If the girl has a good stretch, then this advantage can be used during lovemaking. However, watch out for slippery floors so as not to fall at the most crucial moment.The girl should lean against the wall, and the man at this time takes her leg and bends the knee. A man uses his second hand to hold his woman and starts sexual intercourse. Remember to use a silicone-based lubricant during shower sex. It will be easier for the penis to go inside and both partners get maximum pleasure from the process.