Don't take the load off your feet: top-5 secrets of standing sex

Standing sex is cool in the movies. In real life, it can be a problem for the first time.

standing sex

This position makes it possible to add variety to your intimate life as well as to give you new emotions. We offer a couple of secrets that allow you to get the most of positive emotions from intimacy in a standing position.

Top 5 secrets of standing sex

Here you need to coordinate as much as possible, be strong and maintain balance. such position require you to be fit. Therefore, there is no wonder that you will not be able to do everything as it is shown in porn.

Before offering your own partner sex in this position, take care of your physical form.

Your height is important. If you are very tall, then sex in this position will be a real torment for you. You either have to penetrate your woman on bent legs, or she needs to stand on something.

If you live in the house, you can use the stairs to compensate for the difference in height. And the handrail makes it possible to hold so you won't fall down.

The grace of a ballerina. If you want to give your partner maximum pleasure, you will have to do your best. For example, you can lift one of her legs to achieve deep penetration.

Moderate amplitude.

Standing sex does not require aggressive movement. Here it is necessary to act very carefully. If you overuse the amplitude, it can be the reason that during intimacy your penis will slip out, and inside the woman there will be a condom, if you use it.

Get close to her body. This way, you can have sex without worrying about something going wrong.

Physique is important. Not only should you pay attention to height, but also to body shape. It's great when a petitte lady loves strong guys. This gives you the opportunity to hold a woman tightly so that you won't fall down. You should not rush and get upset if somwething goes wrong first time. Sex in a standing position requires good preparation and mastery. Keep trying.