Top 3 positions where a woman can use her hands

If you are bored with classic sex, diversify it with new techniques. It will help you refresh your feelings and get unforgettable emotions.

sex positions

One of the best ways to diversify your sexual life is hand job. Actually sexual intercourse doesn’t happen but both if you get pleasure. Such games are teasing and very pleasant.

Here are three games everyone should try:

  • A «‎king». A man is lying on his back like a king and a woman is sitting near him and sliding her hand along his cock up and down (seven times up and one time down). You can vary the speed and the pressure.
  • «Flower bud»: both partners are sitting face-to-face with each other and rub each other's genitals. A man passes woman’s clitoris through his fingers so that the clitoris is between his two fingers. The other hand rubs her vagina.
  • «‎Nice push-ups»‎: A man leans against the floor as if he’s going to do the push-ups. A woman’s face is under his penis. If she doesn’t feel like doing a blowjob, she can do a hand job.

Such games can be a perfect foreplay or a way to relive tension without intercourse. But it’s better to discuss it beforehand, whether you will have a sex or not. Otherwise, one of the partners could be disappointed.