7 best sex tips from men's magazines

By the way, men's magazines tell us not only about how to seduce the most unapproachable beauty. But they also share tips that help to diversify your sex life.

sex tips

Slow sex

It's a bit unexpected that such a recommendation appeared in a men's magazine, isn't it? However, both men and women need such sex. It helps to relax, examine each other's bodies and get multiple orgasms. Of course, this does not mean at all that we should completely forget about 5-minute sex in the shower. You just need to learn how to literally extend the pleasure.


The editors of men's publications are well aware that guys often neglect this recommendation, so they remind about it from time to time. Massage does more than just relax. This can be either an independent process or part of a foreplay. And if you comprehend the basics of erotic massage, you can bring your partner to orgasm without even touching his genitals.


The lips are one of the main erogenous zones that can be stimulated at least a hundred times a day. Now imagine how much desire and passion will accumulate by the evening if you kiss your partner for at least a minute in the morning or during lunch. Oh!

She used to be an actress ...

You don't have to wear a costume for a good foreplay. Just pretend to be Kim Kardashian, Irina Shayk, or any other celebrity that your man slikes. And don't think it has anything to do with cheating. Such reincarnation will help you to relax, and your partner - to reveal his potential.

Sex and rock and roll

As a rule, young ladies prefer to make love to something slow and romantic. However, if you try to turn on rock or other energetic music, intimacy will also become brighter and more incendiary. Yes, it will probably be fast, but it won't spoil it in the least.

Masturbation in front of a partner

It is difficult to imagine a more exciting sight than a beloved man who caresses his penis in front of you. Believe me, he feels the same when he sees his beloved while fingering or using a vibrator. And if you sit opposite each other and indulge in self-satisfaction, this will inevitably lead to intense sex.

Whisper in the ear

Of course, during intimacy, you want to achieve nirvana and just listen to your own body. However, do not forget to stay in touch with the man, whispering obscenities or compliments in his ear. Turn on your imagination!

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