80% of times women reach orgasm wearing socks

Falling asleep when your feet are cold is not easy. And there is a reason for this: as soon as the feet get warm, the blood vessels begin to expand, which speeds up falling asleep. Do not remove this piece of clothing when you go to bed with your loved one. It turned out that socks can be useful when having sex as well.

item of clothing that allows you to achieve orgasm

This conclusion was made by scientists from a Dutch university. The experiment showed that 80% of partners who made love wearing socks reached the peak of pleasure. It is noteworthy that sex without socks ended in orgasm only in 50% of cases. The reality is that in the cold, sexual activity declines. There is even a concept of winter penis. This does not mean that it falls asleep. Under the influence of cold, the penis decreases in size.

Subzero temperatures lead to vasoconstriction in the reproductive organ. The penis can shrink in half, according to a sex expert.

Cold causes problems with erection, deprives the ability to reach orgasm. The body is tuned to the maximum to retain heat and energy within itself. Strengthening internal blood circulation reduces blood flow not only to the limbs, but also to the genitals.

Men can't cum longer when they feel cold. The brain focuses solely on warming, not intimacy.

You can solve the problem by heating the room where you are going to make love (which can negatively affect your sleep) or by putting on socks. This will allow you to get maximum pleasure from intimacy in winter and improve your sleep.

If the room is chilly, try making love wearing your socks on and feel the difference.

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