Three poses for her furious orgasm

Experts named three poses in which a woman can reach a bright, unforgettable orgasm. It is a well-known fact that a woman’s orgasm is a real thing, not from the sphere of fantasy, but if a man takes certain efforts and in certain poses.

a woman’s orgasm

We prepared 3 poses in sex for you in which a chance to reach an orgasm comes to 100%.

Doggy style

In this pose a woman must stand on all fours, lean on elbows and knees. At that time a man stands behind her, enters his penis and starts to make the movements. In such a pose the partner would be able to keep the woman’s thighs and caress the clitoris at the same time.


In the classical missionary pose it is impossible to caress the clitoris, because it is rather far from the vagina. If the man lies on his back and the woman sits on him, then she may have an orgasm rather quickly. Firstly, she controls all the process by herself, secondly, she can stimulate the clitoris with her hand.


The partners turn over to the same side, at that the knees must be bent. The upper parts of the body should be pressed to each other, or one of them may deflect from the partner, touching only by buttocks. In such a pose the hands are fully free, and it means that the partner can start to caress the clitoris. In this pose the man as well as the woman can do it comfortably. The both partners will get maximum pleasure from the sex. A bright orgasm is guaranteed.

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