8 things that married men do not understand about sex are named

Men who are married are usually sophisticated in terms of obtaining sexual pleasures. For them, there is nothing difficult in this activity, it is enough to move and enjoy. It does not matter how many years people have been married and how well the spouse understands a woman in other things.

what married men don

But there are things in which the vast majority of the stronger sex does not understand at all.

There is no need for a constant change of foreplay

If a woman likes what her husband does with oral sex or breast caresses, there is no need to change anything. Keep it up, don't try to experiment. I know perfectly well that your tongue can move in different directions, but you re doing the right thing right now. Keep your speed up, take your time, go back a couple of minutes.

Hair in an intimate place is not always pleasant

Many representatives of the fair sex constantly struggle with them. Those who prefer wax do so once a month. Shaving should be done more often. Sometimes men say that there is no need to shave everything, and then resent that the hair is in their mouth.

Taking a shower before sex

Ladies visit the bathroom for a quick shower, if they plan oral sex, brushing their teeth. To do this, you need to interrupt the sex. Representatives of the stronger sex are not too favorable to this, but they also need a shower.

Hygiene after sex

For girls, neglect of hygiene is fraught with various problems with the genitourinary system, so they definitely should not lie in bed for a long time after sex.

Breast caresses should be gentle

Men like to touch women's breasts. But the movements should be slow and calm. It gives pleasure to girls.

Use a lubricant

Lube is not a failure in bed. Lube is required and there is nothing unnatural about it. Women do not always manage to get excited to the right degree. For example, after the end of menstruation or during breastfeeding, natural lubricant is produced in smaller quantities. And the man can not influence it in any way.

Attention to underwear

Good underwear is expensive, and men want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Remember that the girl chose it very carefully, respect the efforts made by her and let her show off at least a few minutes.

In women, arousal may also be present after intimacy

It's okay if she wants sex. Men need a break. During the rest, he should stroke his partner's thigh or breasts or help her achieve another orgasm with his hands.

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